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Weekend Reads.

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Or for the rest of the week. Some old, some new:

  • Hope you’re near a taqueria while you read this (and not just Chipotle): Jun-Dai Bates-Kobashigawa on burritos (Medium).
  • Erica Plouffe Lazure’s lovely flash fiction piece, “842 Dongba RD, 6-B, Chaoyang, Beijing, PRC“ (Cha)
  • Goldberry Long’s “The Kingdom of No.” (New Orleans Review)
  • “What if we had met when we were sixteen?” From Liz Greenhill’s “Paper Birds.” (The Rumpus)
  • “I’m so angry, I’m actually just peeing bees. If you’re wondering where all these bees came from? I have peed them into the world.” Chuck Wendig writes “An Open Letter to that Ex-MFA Creative Writing Teacher Dude” (Terrible Minds). You should probably read Ryan Boudinot’s original post first.
  • Carmen Maria Machado is so good. Check out “Descent.” (Nightmare)
  • “The former objects of our affection or rage or fascination are… absent and voiceless: we build their lives out of scraps we find online, like birds foraging for nests.” From Amanda Miska, “The (Online) Stories We Tell.” (The Rumpus)
  • For anyone who’s ever had trouble feeding kids, Joe Fassler’s “The Hand that Feeds” is for you. (Story)
  • And I figure you folks read Karl Ove Knausgaard blocking up his hotel toilet bowl in “My Saga, Part 1.” (The New York Times Sunday Magazine)



Emeryville, CA

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1. To be wanting; to fall short; to be or become deficient in any measure or degree up to total absence; to cease to be furnished in the usual or expected manner, or to be altogether cut off from supply; to be lacking; as, streams fail; crops fail.

As the waters fail from the sea. Job xiv. 11.

From Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1828 Edition.


A Few of My Favorite Things, 2014 Edition.

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Man where did the time go. It’s almost 2015 and I’m a year older.

It’s been a good year. I spent the last third of the year angry and anxious, though I’m feeling a lot better now. The other two-thirds were a blur. Changed my job and moved to another department. Celebrated my dad’s 80th. Celebrated my daughter’s 13th. Made some headway in my Project Management classes. Lost weight. Got into an awesome writing workshop with awesome writers. Ate a lot of homemade lunches and dinners. Started the year by meditating daily but that didn’t work. Besides, my asawa and dog kept me sane.