Happy and the Giant Colon.

Where my brother Happy (and Clarissa and Romeo) check out the Mütter Museum at the Philly College of Physicians.

Ay Shet,

Nakagaling na kami. Madaling bumalik doon, so I can get you the catalog. We had fun in the philadelphia art museum as well. Ang highlight nun mutter museum e yung oversize colon. This person would go more than 5 weeks without defecating, because of his giant colon. Maaaaaan, holy crap talaga. Wala akong words for it. Unbelievable. Meron syang mga pictures. And oodles of medical oddities — mga pang moneyshot sa CSI.

And here it is, stolen from the Roadside America page:


It looks like one of those giant sandworms from Dune. Brrrr.