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    Happy anniversary! I loved the movie, too. But Eowyn’s uncle, aka “Master of the Obvious,” was KILLING me softly. He kept saying things like, “We must ride swift and light.” No kidding, guy. I kept expecting him to add “Forget not your swords, sons of Rohan!” or something equally ridiculous. His death scene was love-r-ly, though.


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    Ahh, Theoden was pretty cool, particularly in the light of his freeze-dried state in the previous film.

    Aragorn, in contrast, looked doofy with that crown. =)


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    ah, maybe i’m the sap, but one of the most memorable scenes was faramir riding to battle to reclaim osgilliath while pippen was singing this dirge to faramir’s insane father in the background….


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    can u tell I’m just now catching up on your blog after the holidays?? 🙂

    have to agree w/ bjpr too. who knew pippin could sing? and i thought he was the annoying hobbit! aragorn did look a *tad* goofy in the crown, only b/c that was the 1st time in all 3 movies it really looked like a wig? somehow maybe the sweaty greasy bloody (?) hair looked more real.
    my only beef was where was all the flirtation and angst btwn eowyn and faramir?! and i wanted to see the dag wedding! still, i’d see it again…and i’ve already seen it 2wice!


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    I suspect the Faramir-Eowyn lovey-dovey stuff must have been filmed (like Saruman’s death), and will probably added to the director’s cut later this year.

    Anyone else planning to watch all 12 hours at one sitting when the final DVD set comes out?

  6. Emmy

    I really liked the rotk. I’ve read the books, and you really don’t expect the movies to be as good, but I was wrong. I thought it was the saddest part in the entire TRILOGY when Pippin was singing as Faramir rode to Osgiliath. I’m mad about Faramir and Eowyn’s wedding too. It would have showed the people who haven’t read the books that Eowyn was over Aragorn. Oh well, you can’t have it all.


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