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    The amount of attention given to this movie is well over the top to say the least. I have read several reviews today and it seems those compelled towards religiousity can’t help but praise the movie as an accurate portrayal of the last hours of Jesus’s life. How they know is beyond me. I think the following quote by Katherine Monk of the Calgary Herald sums up my feelings about Gibson and his movie quite nicely:
    “a hollow symbol of piety born from an ignorant mind of all-too powerful, all-too affluent hypocrite.”


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    Harsh words, and Katherine Monk best put on her flak jacket.

    I read a couple of reviews today as well, and they came across as being very, very careful not to antagonize anyone. The film, in any case, sounds deeply unpleasant and grisly — but Gibson’s defenders, no doubt, would call that insensitivity to the sufferings of Christ.

    In any case, the point of my little tirade was to underscore the fact that I’m not watching the movie — not because it may or may not be anti-Semitic, and not necessarily because the reviews have been fair-to-middling — because I refuse to support someone like him whose politics are quite suspect. Sure, there are lots of artists out there who may live morally reprehensible lives — but Gibson’s film is politically charged enough to spread unpleasantness around, aided by powerful and equally unpleasant people.


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    I’m sure Brother Eddie would use The Passion to rally his “sheep”. I’m not going to bother watching it either, especially after David Ansen confirmed my own suspicions; after playing the tortured, disemboweled, often broken and bleeding hero in film after film, The Passion could very well be Gibson’s own twisted autobiography.

  4. ZOGboy

    Although I doubt I’ll see the movie, unless it’s showing on JAL, I confess that as a person of the Hebrew persuasion I feel a bit of pride knowing that I am personally responsible for killing Your Lord… aren’t the Gibsons (daddy mostly), in denying the Holocaust, also denying their own Christian bible and the supposed curse on the Jews? If we are really responsible for killing JC then would we not have deserved some sort of obliteration?

    Maybe a Loving God’s idea of a curse is hairy backs and flatulence.

    Oh well.

    We still need to get together and celebrate your escape from upstate NY.


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    LOL — that reminds of Marc Ribot’s band Shrek, and the title of their album “Yo! I Killed Your God.”

    Gibson’s dad has indeed been quite unrepentant about calling the Holocaust “mostly fiction,” and Mel himself is like, “Hey! That’s my dad you’re talking about!”

    Anyhow, that just explains my point — why give my 8 bucks to a couple of Holocaust deniers?


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