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    I read the review of the documentary in the S.F. Chronicle a couple of days ago. I remember thinking it’s like a celluloid version of your “The Wit and Wisdom of Imelda Marcos”!


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    2005 eh? Sayang. The next few weeks would’ve been perfect to show it here in the Philippines. At the very least it’ll spark discussion and serve as a reminder that we had to kick these people out of the country.


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    There’s apparently going to be a theatrical release both in the U.S. and in the Philippines (though maybe a more limited run), maybe sometime this year. At least that’s what I remember from the Q&A session.

    Imelda herself hasn’t seen it, but will after May (the film won best cinematography in the documentary category at Sundance earlier this year).


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    EXACTLY my sentiments. i think that leaving it ultimately up to the viewer to ‘choose’ for themselves whether imelda’s cool or not is dangerous.yes- i would have preferred shaking of the fists myself. i give props to the director for that trust in us. (either that or just wanting to be ‘non-confrontational’ about the whole thing). it was REAL though, no doubt. making sure to keep that imelda in me- in check.haha


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    Imelda and The Passion of Christ

    Two films have been getting a lot of attention from Filipino filmgoers all over the world. One is Ramona Diaz’s Imelda, winner for Best Cinematography at the recently-concluded Sundance Film Festival. The other is Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Christ. Un…

  6. Banny

    Talagang ganyan ang buhay, pero kami Marcos pa rin. I thirst the kind of leadership Pres. Marcos had shown for a long long time. We needed then a strong and determined man who could discipline the Filipino people. The Marcoses are fascinating political figures, then and now.


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    imelda the movie

    I’ve been wanting to see Ramona S Diaz’s documentary Imelda since I first heard about it, just before it…


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