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    Dang, it sounds just like the artist’s block I periodically suffer from–like right now, for instance. Thanks for helping me to procrastinate further and here’s to both of us overcoming it soon!


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    Wow! This is very well written. I’d try sending it out — maybe pitch it as one writer’s experience of the revision process as helped along by a writing workshop. AWP Chronicle, perhaps?

  3. David Schweidel

    Hey Sunny, my quick take is that the stage you’re at now has to do with how much you care about the final version of the story. And I think it’s still a little hard for you to vividly imagine people reading it. Dylan didn’t start writing songs until there was something that he wanted to say that he couldn’t quite find in the songs he already knew. And he was going to be singing his songs in front of real people, so he wanted them to be just right. You have to want your book to be just right. Then revising it will become a meaningful and worthwhile task.


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    Wow, those Displaying Filipinos manuscript pages do have a bit-o-the-wacko feeling to them. I’ve loved reading these 2 recent posts: it’s like an obviously short person coming to terms with the fact that she’s, well, short.


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