April 21, 2004

Your New Favorite Song.

[Update from 2007: the mp3 is sitting here.]

I have a couple of mp3s ready for download and sitting on my server, but I'm interrupting it for an oldie from the early '80s. I had no idea that one of my favorite songs of all time (it's actually listed on my brain dump from last year) -- one of those drop-dead awesome, take-you-all-the-way-back-to-high-school, super-cheesy but oddly moving, Romantic New Wave singles -- was actually sung by one of the funniest people in the world, Ricky Gervais from The Office. (Thanks to Boyong Valencia for the forwarded info.)

Seona Dancing's "More to Lose" keeps being described in current profiles of Gervais as a "failed band," with their songs going nowhere on the charts. But the vagaries of the pop music business in the Philippines made the song a massive, massive hit.

It first popped up, if I remember correctly, on 99.5 RT as an odd "white-label" single of sorts; the DJ (and I can still hear Jeremiah Junior's perfect American accent to this day) would announce it as "Fade" by Medium, or at other times, "Medium" by Fade. Who knows why -- for about a year, they would also play an "exclusive" extended mix of the song, and insert a "99.5 RT" station ID into the middle of the instrumental break to prevent other radio stations from playing it. (This also meant that I couldn't tape the damn song on my little Sony portable radio.)

Finally, they revealed the real title of the song and band after much hoopla ("Is it 'Fade' by Medium? Or is it 'Medium' by Fade?") -- not that it mattered, since no one had heard of Seona Dancing anyhow. It was finally properly released on vinyl on a local New Wave compilation, which I think I still have back home, sharing a side with "Fire in Cairo" and "Hongkong Garden," and accompanied by this wrongly-scaled picture. Is the future David Brent the one cupping his chin? And surely he can't be the guy in the sailor hat?

Admittedly, the lyrics were bad. I've edited them a little, but I can't vouch for their accuracy because of that Slough accent. =)

We used to cry
About the day when one of us might fall
Weak and blindly into another's arms

Demands are gained from jealousies
Would flow like water drowning us
But leaving us with just another
Lover's false alarm

And now it's over
Both of us free
But I feel colder

A thousand tortured lives have fallen
Wounded dying cut down by the
Questions that we've sharpened
Just to save our losing days

We thought we'd nothing more to lose
We'd tear our hearts with jagged truths
And everything we'd hung to for so long
Just slipped away

And now it's over
Both of us free
And I feel colder

I was tired of thinking that
Our love can shine your thoughts
Of our arrangements
Were really not like mine

I thought it over
And it was plain to see the love you said
You once needed
Could just not come from me

And now it's over
Both of us free
And I feel colder

And now we're moving to new beginnings
But as we move we looked once behind
To see what we might find out
Lost loves and old thoughts of our nights of winnings
That lunge, tear and grasp
at lost wanting minds

But Good Lord, Ricky Gervais. Who would have known? So this is where free love on the freelove freeway comes from.

So here you go, folks: all six minutes and three seconds of this masterpiece.

Hear it (5.7 mb).

Posted by the wily filipino at April 21, 2004 01:14 PM

Bosing, i ask for nothing in return. really. but if you want a "hayup-ang-lupit-nito" collection of music from xb, nu, and rt, i can send you a burned CD. may not include everything listed here, but enough to amuse the Great Wily Filipino.
P.S. Ricky Gervais??? I mean--tang-ina naman, really??????? The Office????Inay ko po, I would never have known.

Posted by: Kid CarloMagno on April 28, 2004 10:39 PM

Are you serious? Who are you?

Posted by: the wily filipino on April 29, 2004 10:48 PM
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