March 22, 2008

Pinoy Academic Porn.

The list below -- "dusted with glitter, sparkles and fairy dust" -- comes from an unnamed Pinay university professor from the Northeast United States. (I suspect the title of her unnamed forthcoming book would be a perfect candidate for this list, but she didn't want to jinx it.)

A mini-list of factoids:

1. I'm not posting the other companion list (Anacleto's Structurally Queer Siblings, or A List of Drag Queen Names of Some Filipino Academics in Random Order of Fabulousness), simply because there were too many in-jokes to interest the general reader. I can't even remember who "Anacleto" was supposed to be.

But let's just say that "Martina Navratilova Manalansan" had a wonderful ring to it. (It's also the oldest in terms of provenance, I think.) "Li'l Kim Alidio" sounded great too.

2. A particularly filthy (and bad) pun on, um, a seminal Filipino American text -- let's just say it involved Carlos Bulosan and a boner -- was originally on the list, but Neferti asked everyone, "Let's not go there," so we didn't.

3. People cheated on three titles by adding new subtitles, or changing them around, in the grand tradition of Shaving Ryan's Privates. But that's absolutely fine. It was nice to discover that Displaying Filipinos actually allowed for many variations ("displaying", "splaying", "playing", and "laying"), but obviously its porn-title possibilities were completely accidental. No, really.

4. I can't categorically say I wasn't involved in this, but I was mostly a spectator in the back seat while this was all happening. The list was further refined in the hotel lobby. The chardonnay helped.

5. The order is not mine, though Dylan was upset. "How could I not be Number One??" he asked.

And this is how it all went down:

The Top Ten Porn-Sounding Philippine and Filipino American Studies Book Titles:

1. White Love
2. Forced Passages
3. Splaying Filipinos
4. Fantasy Production
5. American Tropics 14: Sequel to Forced Passages ("It's a compilation," Allan said, by way of explanation.)
6. Creating Masculinity: Behind the Scenes of White Love
7. Five Faces of Sexile
8. Passion and Revolution (Soft)
9. The Gangster of Love
10. The Philippine Temptation

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