Crime in the city

My little obsession for today: San Francisco crime statistics. Since we’re thinking of moving at some point, I’ve been checking crime rates in different parts of the city. Alas, one property we kind of like boasted 13 robberies this year — probably having to do with the two liquor stores at the corner. Breaking into cars, as I’ve long noticed (my poor car is still without stereo and speakers), is quite rampant in our “plot;” there was a time about a couple of years ago when I would walk Shelby around the block in the morning and find a vehicle with the rear triangular window broken every week. So the neighborhood we live in has had 46 crimes so far this year, including (yeesh) two rapes, 13 car thefts and 11 burglaries.

I suppose it’s a big trade-off: buy a desirable house in a marginal neighborhood (and get worried every time I walk Shelby at night, not to mention worrying about Madeline and Izzy), or one of those rather boring Doelger houses that you see in the Sunset down to the Westlake District in Daly City. But then we’ve lived in our neighborhood for a little over five years, and (with fingers crossed) haven’t been the victim of anything major (except for my poor car cd player and speakers).