Izzy Goes to the doctor

An old one, originally posted, I guess, in August 2001 or so.

Izzy Goes to the Doctor. Today we went to the hospital for Izzy’s first doctor’s appointment. We were all concerned about her weight loss — a little too much the first few days, so she had to be supplemented with formula for a couple of days — but she was right at 8 pounds, so we were all quite relieved. Otherwise Izzy’s all healthy and beautiful, except for a little bit of diaper rash.

As someone who still gets carded regularly at the ripe age of 30, I full well know how Asians can look awfullly young. (My dad is a prime example.) However, Izzy’s pediatrician looked all of 12! (Madeline said 13.) The funny part was when she called in another colleague (ostensibly someone slightly senior) to listen to Izzy’s heart — he comes in and he looked like he was 16! (Everyone must have tormented him mercilessly in med school by calling him “Doogie.”)

Izzy is growing more and more every day — 2 inches in 2 weeks! I’ve found it hard to work with Izzy in the room — not because she fusses, though she does that too — but because I and Madeline end up just staring at her. I’ve never particularly liked holding babies, much more changing their diapers, but Izzy is amazing. She’s so wonderful.

Clarissa’s uncle Noli tells me that I would not mind going to work with only 3-4 hours of sleep the night before, because “you’ll be so happy.” Well, we’ll see until the colic months hit. But right now I think Madeline and I are plainly euphoric. Last night we put her in bed between us and just played with her — opening her palms, kissing her on the forehead, rubbing her belly. Unbelievable.