the orifices of mother earth

Courtesy of Blogcritics comes a link to The Erotic Earth, a series of photographs of — well, rock formations that look like buttocks, penises, testicles, sphincters, vaginas and nipples. Kind of like the porn version of the Fortean Times Simulacra Gallery.

I do like her answer to Frequently Asked Question #24:
Who collects Earth Erotica and where do they display it?

As she writes: “Earth Erotica has been purchased by interior decorators for model homes…” (I have to say the model home would look like one of those mirrored love dens from Bill Owens’s Suburbia series.)

And later: “Parents use the images to talk about sex with their children.” Huh? Like, “Dad, what is that $700 20×30 photograph of a rock formation doing in your bedroom?” “It’s a sphincter, son. [Pause.] Son, I think it’s time we had a little talk.”

And finally my favorite image of all. I’m left speechless.

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Apparently your article on suburbia was the first to emerge while searching for the “Filipino in suburbia”. Your astute and cunning observations are genius! Only if I could be in the same sala talking with you.

Speaking of which, I’m doing an exploratory video piece on Filipinos living the suburban experience. Wondering what makes and breaks the families, coming to the states, post-65 and this abstract dream, inspired by my mom and dad moving back to Bohol- wondering about my fil-am and fil-fil friends’ their future homes, Philippine kitsch, real estate, land, back home and American dreams-

I’m working on interviews with family friends, recalling personal stories on class, comparisons and survival. Well, ideas are definitely emerging!

What else: researching documentaries and films about suburbia and its mass appeal. Recently, I stopped by the Asian American bookstore in NYC and went to the APA studies program. Not to be discouraged, there wasn’t a book or film focusing on real estate and life planning. However, I met some very interesting people who knows of others who wanted to display their showcase homes in Huntington L.I. , Short Hills N.J., etc.

My friends advise me to include a piece on Philippine hospitality, for our homes growing up here is like a hotel… Drive down to NJ or any of the Mid Atlantic states…Or pretend to go real estate hunting, looking for Filipino neighborhoods… (I can expound later on this)

Writings from Rick Bonus, Angel Shaw and simply Jessica H. come to mind while exploring maps and driving through neighborhoods in the tri-state area. Still exploring music, though.

I should read your book, “Displaying Filipinos”, to study the message behind the photography. Do you have a story to share, adding to this experience? Perhaps you can recommend an inspirational source? Thanks for your time.
Looking forward to your response -Barbara in NYC

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