Your New Favorite Song.

Masami Akita is Merzbow, and Merzbow is the premier noise artist, period. With a crushingly massive discography (about 360 releases and counting), and albums that explore the same blasted electronic noise terrain, Merzbow is one of those take-it-or-leave-it musicians: you either know he’s not for you upon first listen, or you come back begging for more.

(I figure this was an opportunity to share a bit of Merzbow, considering the fact that I seem to be the biggest Merzbow fan on Audioscrobbler.)

The problem with his tracks is that they’re usually these 12-minute long affairs (sometimes even the entire length of a CD), with slab after slab of brain-drilling sonic terror, and I try to keep my selections fairly small. (I’m on 56 kbps dialup, after all.) But here’s a track called “Octopus,” off a 1999 album, Tentacle, that’s short and sweet and encapsulates pre-digital Merzbow (i.e., before he started using his Powerbook, which has resulted in a slightly warmer sound): low thud rumble here, ear-bleeding screech there.

Hear it (2.4 mb).