Guided By Voices, SF, 11/13/04.

Posted a shorter version of this last night (more like early morning).

Too messed up to remember
Eardrums still ringing
Head still aching
Feet hurt (from jumping)
Neck hurts (from headbanging)
Throat hurts (from shouting)

Met PBers at the Toronado
Sat with Spence and Kogan
Ended up six people deep from the stage
Saw Franken’s back move farther and farther
from the middle
Keene played

Then sunsets and seagulls
GBV the crowd yelled
Bob with Cuervo bottle in hand
Beers aloft
Opened with Do The Earth
Lots of songs from SIAN
Bob rant on “old cuntry”
Willie Nelson and Rob Thomas
Called Lyle Lovett a pussy
Pissbreak during Window of My World

We got Gloomtown / Pricks / Jumpstart
We got Sad If I Lost It
We got Exit Flagger
We got Buzzards and Dreadful Crows
We got Beg for a Wheelbarrow
We got Redmen and Their Wives
We got loooong Secret Star
We got My Impression Now
We got Demons Are Real
We got Gold Star for Robot Boy

Mic troubles for Bob
Guy wanted to pass out next to him
Folks bumrushed the stage
on A Salty Salute
Woman bumped and grinded
Bouncers disarmed the settlers

Then homerun after homerun
Myron / Motor / FBI
Unleashed / Girls / Scientist
And the lights came up
And it was all over

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