Your New Favorite Song.

Continuing the all-Japanese uploads: the Boredoms’ musical career can be roughly divided into two phases: their early spastic punk, augmented by noisy electronic squiggles, and expansive, mind-melting Krautpsych.

I happen to like their second phase best: “Super Going,” from their 1998 album Super Ae. The track here doesn’t do the album justice, since the album is really an hour-long suite. At the very least, crank it up for the full effect — phased vocals coming in and out (the lyrics are simple: “Shine in / Shine on”), keyboard chirps and twitters, and a relentless, trance-inducing drumbeat. (Wait for the part in the eighth minute or so when the whole thing gets kicked up a notch.)

Saw them a few years back with Karen when they toured as the Vooredoms: Eye on vocals and synth, three drummers (Yoshimi, ATR and E-Da), and one hour-long song — the kind of concert that leaves bodies in its wake.

Hear it (17 mb).

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