The SFIAAFF / J-Town.

So here are the films I’ll be watching (or think you folks should check out) at the SF International Asian American Film Festival, given my limited time in SF (I have to be in Atlanta for a conference):

Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s Cafe Lumiere (2004).

My friend Jack’s Mom said, “Isn’t that that Taiwanese filmmaker who made that really really slow movie?” and proceeded to describe Tsai Ming-Liang’s What Time Is It There? No, I said, that’s another really really slow Taiwanese filmmaker. (I don’t mind slow, honest.) It’s going to be awesome, though; I’ll be watching Tokyo Story again for this one.

Nobuhiro Yamashita’s Linda Linda Linda (2005).

Read that synopsis! How could you not want to watch it? (I’ll be pulling out my Blue Hearts CDs for that one!)

Richard Wong’s Colma: The Musical (2005).

And my apologies to H.P. Mendoza, writer, musician and actor who has publicly shamed me, ha ha, for forsaking Colma: The Musical for the Belle and Sebastian / New Pornographers concert that same night, though he apparently skipped his mom’s funeral for a Ben Folds Five concert. I honestly hope it was worth hearing “The Battle of Who Could Care Less” live. And my apologies in advance to L.A. Renigen, whom I think I’ve never met or been in contact with, but whose cousin is currently a student in my class and has asked me whether I’m watching her cousin’s movie. I’m sorry, I said with a wince, realizing that this was at least the second time I had to explain myself after a colleague hassled me about not watching the film especially since I actually work on Daly City. But… but… Belle and Sebastian!

Jeff Adachi’s The Slanted Screen (2005).

The director, Jeff Adachi, came by the office last week with a stack of flyers to promote the film. It sure sounded great (he came by the same week I had just shown Deborah Gee’s 1988 documentary Slaying the Dragon for the 431st time, not that that’s a bad thing). (I also did a double-take, because I recognized his name and face but figured there was no way he was that same Jeff Adachi I was thinking of. He was.)

Speaking of people wandering into my office, Aaron Kitashima (who is one of our majors, who did indeed wander into my office, and, who I just realized, is the grandson of Sox Kitashima!) has been circulating an online petition on the sale of properties in San Francisco’s Japantown, which is currently nearing 15,000 signatures. More signatures will help; more information through an SF Bay Guardian article, here.

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slanted screen is sold out already. I tried to buy tickets last week. no luck. Bummer.

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