NaNoWriMo Random Excerpt of Crap #3.

It occurs to me that the novel is partly “inspired” by Talking Heads’ two greatest albums, Fear of Music and Remain in Light. No connection to what’s excerpted below though.

From Chapter 3, in which I kill one of my more interesting characters, which may not be a good move.

Ext.: steam rising from a destroyed radiator obscuring the green mountains beyond the freeway. The camera does a slow pan along the slick black oil on the road and the underside of the chassis and the brand new treads still slowly spinning and they come to a non-ironic halt.

Cut to: The driver’s door, large dent along the side, the muffled sound of kicking from the inside. It opens with a creak and it scrapes along the spilled gravel from the truck. Mang Kaloy emerges, a gash on his forehead, dazed. He puts a bloody hand to his side, clutching his ribs, looks around.

Cut to: A slowly widening shot as the camera pulls back, revealing the truck that has wandered roughly into the opposite side of the freeway, the gravel from the truck bed scattered in random piles on the grassy median and on the concrete. Mang Kaloy in the center of the shot as he turns around slowly. The vehicles on both sides have stopped, their drivers aghast and curious and horny for vehicular accident porn. There but for the grace of god and all. No soundtrack, just the ambient hum of the highway and the maya bird singing non-ironically in the trees.

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