NaNoWriMo Random Excerpt of Crap #4.

And this is from the fourth chapter (not Chapter Four, because this occurs much later in the story). Note that I used the song’s refrain to cheat a bit.

At the fifty-eighth second of the video for the song “Single Ladies,” Beyoncé Knowles performs a series of pelvic thrusts that have the holy motive power of the Lord God behind them. Her stilettoed feet spread wide apart, Beyoncé Knowles pushes herself aggressively back and forth into the air, but her hips similarly describe circles at the same time. It is a feat that is only a little short of miraculous, since she starts lowering her body closer and closer to the floor while all of this is happening.

It is this particularly complicated dance move that is giving Beyoncé Knowles and the choreographer, Mark, a headache. Tita Mark, as everyone calls him, swipes the blue bandanna off his neck, wipes his forehead with it in frustration and calls a halt to the rehearsal again.

Under the blazing klieg lights, Beyoncé Knowles sweats. Her asymmetrical leotard, borrowed from some dancer in the costume department, is crawling up the cleft of her ass and she pulls at it. She is a natural lefty but Beyoncé Knowles uses her right hand instead to tug at her butt because her left arm is currently encased in an unwieldy gauntlet painted to look like silver. The guys from the props department, generally underused, have also helpfully provided an engagement ring with an enormous fake diamond chipped off a plastic magic wand from a fantasy soap opera filming in the next studio over. The ring is a little too large and threatens to slip off at any moment. Her head hurts because all she hears is

Woah oh oh

Woah oh oh oh oh oh

Woah oh oh

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