Weekend Reads.

Or for the rest of the week. Some old, some new:

  • Hope you’re near a taqueria while you read this (and not just Chipotle): Jun-Dai Bates-Kobashigawa on burritos (Medium).
  • Erica Plouffe Lazure’s lovely flash fiction piece, “842 Dongba RD, 6-B, Chaoyang, Beijing, PRC” (Cha)
  • Goldberry Long’s “The Kingdom of No.” (New Orleans Review)
  • “What if we had met when we were sixteen?” From Liz Greenhill’s “Paper Birds.” (The Rumpus)
  • “I’m so angry, I’m actually just peeing bees. If you’re wondering where all these bees came from? I have peed them into the world.” Chuck Wendig writes “An Open Letter to that Ex-MFA Creative Writing Teacher Dude” (Terrible Minds). You should probably read Ryan Boudinot’s original post first.
  • Carmen Maria Machado is so good. Check out “Descent.” (Nightmare)
  • “The former objects of our affection or rage or fascination are… absent and voiceless: we build their lives out of scraps we find online, like birds foraging for nests.” From Amanda Miska, “The (Online) Stories We Tell.” (The Rumpus)
  • For anyone who’s ever had trouble feeding kids, Joe Fassler’s “The Hand that Feeds” is for you. (Story)
  • And I figure you folks read Karl Ove Knausgaard blocking up his hotel toilet bowl in “My Saga, Part 1.” (The New York Times Sunday Magazine)



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