Weekend Reads: Somehow June Crept Up On Me

  • First up for your reading pleasure, a gorgeously creepy transnational tale by the awesome Isabel Yap, “Good Girls” (Shimmer)
  • DrFaustusAU draws Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand” as Dr. Seuss (via Dangerous Minds)
  • “From above, the mass of the city looks arbitrary, as if someone flung paint at a map and said, ‘That’s L.A.’” Dayna Tortorici, “Los Angeles Plays Itself” (n+1)
  • Dina Nayeri’s O. Henry Prize-winning story, “A Ride out of Phrao” (Alaska Quarterly Review, via Lithub)
  • “Some sort of black jam in the middle of porridge is very nice, very striking in fact. And then a few flaked almonds. Be careful though, be very careful with flaked almonds; they are not at all suitable for morose or fainthearted types and shouldn’t be flung about like confetti because almonds are not in the least like confetti.” Claire-Louise Bennett’s “Morning, Noon and Night” (The White Review)
  • A fascinating series of essays on the “7 Deadly Sins of the Writing Life” by Suzanne Farrell Smith and Cheryl Wilder (Hunger Mountain). I think I relate to sloth the most.
  • “Now you are at the place of annihilation, now you are at the place of annihilation.” Angela Carter, “The Lady of the House of Love” (from The Bloody Chamber, via Electric Literature)

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