Weekend Reads, Late September.

Megan Martin has an interview with me in SmokeLong Quarterly. It was a thrill to be asked such great questions, and be able to think and write about the writing process. I just hope I didn’t come across too… weird.

Speaking of weird. Given my sad history of starting and stopping projects — or quitting writing altogether — I thought I’d work again on the nth draft of a creative nonfiction piece I started writing a few years ago. It’s been a struggle, since back then, when I was exclusively trying my hand at CNF, I couldn’t see how fiction writers could just create things out of “thin air,” or so I thought. Now I’m frustrated as I work on this piece because I can’t just make shit up.

Also, this essay — about me as a young reader — makes me come across as a little… weird, but that’s fine.

One of the hardest things I find about writing is stopping myself from giving it up.

But hey, here are two articles partly about not giving up:

But no, I don’t think about giving up because of rejections. It’s just because I’m not one of those folks who write because they must. I could, for instance, give up writing so I can plunge into games, like these:

And speaking of writing, it’s been quite a month for kerfuffle, hasn’t it? Flavorwire ran an article titled “When a White Guy Uses the Name ‘Yi-Fen Chou’ to Get His Poetry Anthologized, Who’s to Blame?” Why is this even phrased in the form of a question?

So two pertinent articles:

Which reminds me that I’ll be attending the Filipino American International Book Festival at the San Francisco Public Library next weekend. I look forward to a mainly brown room.

Other favorite reads of the month or so:


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