August 25, 2005


Been cramming in the extracurricular activities -- okay, and getting work done too -- before classes begin on Thursday. After all-day meetings on Monday -- okay, followed by a big potluck dinner at the chair's house, then Jim Jarmusch's so-so Broken Flowers with my friend the Tokinawan (god I hope he doesn't read this) -- Tuesday was practically playing hooky.

Took Izzy to the PollyEggettes Experience, and she loved it. (Thanks to J-Lu, I would have never known the stores were so close to where I lived.) Pollyann's is this amazing ice cream shop in the Outer Sunset to which I haven't been to in years. It has since been renovated, and has lost a bit of its cramped, quirky charm, but the corny signs and the roulette wheel are still there, and so are the rotating 50 flavors. Izzy knew what she wanted: "just strawberry." I had Batman -- black vanilla (!) with lemon stripes. is right next door -- we didn't get to try their flavored waffle-like specialties, because we headed straight for the toy machines in the back where, for a dollar, you could get a Disney Princess keychain in an egg, or Winnie the Pooh in a puppy suit, or Minnie Mouse on a rocking horse. Walked back home playing I-Spy, and then off we went to her open-house / orientation at preschool, where she saw most of her buddies.

And then the universe imploded that evening when the Two White Guys At The APAture Retreat, Turkey and 40, finally met, courtesy of me. (We were at the Gold Cane in the Haight, where the bartender carded me -- the second time in a week. "You ought to capitalize on that," he said. "You could pass for 17." I didn't know how to respond. There's this mean woman out there who teases me for being old.)

Posted by the wily filipino at August 25, 2005 12:02 AM

hahahaha that was funny. Not only do I get carded, I get carded and then grilled about my age afterwards because the bouncer thinks I have a fake ID or I'm using someone elses. They like to ask a second time, while holding my ID close to their chest, "so how old are you?" Hoping to catch me in a lie but sometimes I wonder if they're bright enough to do the subtraction in their heads anyways.

Posted by: Vanessa Au on August 25, 2005 06:13 PM

Yeah, but I'm much older than you are, Vanessa!

Posted by: the wily filipino on August 29, 2005 08:15 PM
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