Why Reuters couldn’t mention that the “international hamburger chain outlet” involved in the disgusting incident was (apparently) a McDonald’s is unclear — worry that the fast-food conglomerate would sue for libel? At least the seat “would be warm and pleasant to sit on.”


Music for Grading Quizzes

Ah, the joys of grading. Two quizzes to go and I’m actually distracted enough to post. After a disheartening array of 4 over 20s and 6 over 20s — for an announced quiz! — I have my music to relieve the tedium: in this case, Merzbow‘s lovely Space Metalizer album. I won’t attempt to write a review, unlike these folks tripping all over their words (with hilarious results) at Land of a Thousand Dances, and Stylus Magazine trying to review the massive Merzbox (along with Jim Haynes from my favorite record store in the world). I mean, there aren’t enough synonyms for “scree,” “squelch,” “white noise,” and “watery electric gurgles,” are there?


John Zorn Is Your Daddy

Some fractured poetry for you on John Zorn (again), from Googlism:

john zorn is a composer and saxaphone player who lives and performs primarily in new
john zorn is uncredited for playing the solo on love is a fist
john zorn is probably not a zionist
john zorn is a true music maverick
john zorn is a sort of enigma to most people
john zorn is performing fast paced
john zorn is the undisputed king of the downtown new york art
john zorn is involved in many different projects and each has it’s own unique way of threatening your ears
john zorn is a jazz composer and sax player of extremes
john zorn is going to run out of obscure
john zorn is not above writing hooks
john zorn is certainly one of our favorite modern composers
john zorn is making such a statement at all
john zorn is surely one of the most singular
john zorn is quite a character
john zorn is a genius
john zorn is often considered one of the more vital and influential figures in 20th century music
john zorn is one of those guys who saps a lot of energy from you
john zorn is the curator of tonic
john zorn is heading with weird little boy
john zorn is a brilliant and varied composer/arranger
john zorn is iao waarop oa bill laswell en mike patton
john zorn is many things
john zorn is one of my favourite musicians
john zorn is known for
john zorn is a composer
john zorn is op zijn beurt een inspiratiebron voor een jongere generatie musici zoals zeena parkins
john zorn is the man
john zorn is an american composer and saxophone player with innumerable releases of solo work
john zorn is probably too busy touring and recording to actually perform all of the nasty stuff on his record covers himself
john zorn is still present
john zorn is likely the most prominent figure of the alternative scene in the world
john zorn is a jazz man avant jazz label
john zorn is the only musician i’ve ever considered suing
john zorn is not that he depends too much on the mundane
john zorn is a incredible musician and composer
john zorn is a very dedicated musician
john zorn is a whole world
john zorn is
john zorn is featured on the plr> upcoming new arto lindsay record
john zorn is deconstructing the music of burt bacharach ‘it’ is totally different from luciano berio deconstructing schubert or gerd zacher deconstructing
john zorn is a jazz saxophonist who does a lot of avant garde stuff
john zorn is bound to be entrenched in some variety of avant
john zorn is featured in that album as well as drummer jojo mayer
john zorn is home to some truly inspired new music
john zorn is right
john zorn is dan weer een fantastisch free jazzmuzikant
john zorn is your daddy
john zorn is at tonic? when run dmc reunites?
john zorn is a `avant garde’ musician/composer and cobra is a war game
john zorn is bringing in his new
john zorn is the reason i started playing the saxophone
john zorn is the eclectic composer and alto saxophonist who founded the radical jewish music movement
john zorn is heard in the right channel
john zorn is available on cd as filmworks vi 1996
john zorn is amazing
john zorn is an extremely outspoken
john zorn is a hero the guy gets ripped apart by reviewers and keeps going
john zorn is the most exciting sax player / producer
john zorn is weird
john zorn is a very serious musician
john zorn is een politieke achtergrond evenmin afwezig
john zorn is a mogwai fan
john zorn is god
john zorn is undeniable
john zorn is a new york jazz saxophonist and naked city and pain killer are bands he has formed with hardcore noise blokes
john zorn is one of my heroes


Zorn Quote of the Week

My John Zorn quote of the week, as seen in The Georgia Straight:

I’m influenced by everything that I look at. It could be a turd on the street. You never know.

And my other (paraphrased) John Zorn quote of the week, allegedly said to someone talking in the audience of an Electric Masada concert in Seattle over the weekend (as reported to the Zorn List):

Well, keep your big fat fucking mouth shut asshole, we are up here trying to concentrate on some music here, fuck! Goddamn what an idiot…

This, of course, from the man who told Madeleine Albright and Vaclav Havel (and I think Lou Reed was in the audience too) to “shut the fuck up.”


the orifices of mother earth

Courtesy of Blogcritics comes a link to The Erotic Earth, a series of photographs of — well, rock formations that look like buttocks, penises, testicles, sphincters, vaginas and nipples. Kind of like the porn version of the Fortean Times Simulacra Gallery.

I do like her answer to Frequently Asked Question #24:
Who collects Earth Erotica and where do they display it?

As she writes: “Earth Erotica has been purchased by interior decorators for model homes…” (I have to say the model home would look like one of those mirrored love dens from Bill Owens’s Suburbia series.)

And later: “Parents use the images to talk about sex with their children.” Huh? Like, “Dad, what is that $700 20×30 photograph of a rock formation doing in your bedroom?” “It’s a sphincter, son. [Pause.] Son, I think it’s time we had a little talk.”

And finally my favorite image of all. I’m left speechless.