Your New Favorite Song.

Continuing the all-Japanese uploads: the Boredoms’ musical career can be roughly divided into two phases: their early spastic punk, augmented by noisy electronic squiggles, and expansive, mind-melting Krautpsych.

I happen to like their second phase best: “Super Going,” from their 1998 album Super Ae. The track here doesn’t do the album justice, since the album is really an hour-long suite. At the very least, crank it up for the full effect — phased vocals coming in and out (the lyrics are simple: “Shine in / Shine on”), keyboard chirps and twitters, and a relentless, trance-inducing drumbeat. (Wait for the part in the eighth minute or so when the whole thing gets kicked up a notch.)

Saw them a few years back with Karen when they toured as the Vooredoms: Eye on vocals and synth, three drummers (Yoshimi, ATR and E-Da), and one hour-long song — the kind of concert that leaves bodies in its wake.

Hear it (17 mb).


Eye Rules

The Yamatsuka Eye quote of the day:

Eat shit noise music. Kill the all noise artists! We hate Whitehouse. Piss Off NWW. Asshole C93. Suck PTV. Fuck Coil. We love disco sound.


It's Top Ten Time Again

Just posted this on the Zorn list, after what looked like lists and lists of discs by Anthony Braxton and Dave Douglas and Polwechsel and the Ruins and what have you.

I probably have the poppiest and shortest of all the year-end lists so far — kind of makes me wonder what I’m still doing on this list…

The best things I heard all year (including some oldies):

– Guided By Voices: Universal Truths and Cycles
– Diana Krall, Live in Paris
– Puffy: AmiYumi Jet Fever
– Swans: Soundtracks for the Blind

I went to exactly two concerts this year (this is what happens when you have a kid) and both were totally unforgettable:

– Boredoms, with Jackie-O Motherfucker opening, Slim’s, SF
– Marilyn Crispell Trio, with the Susie Ibarra Quartet opening, Yerba Buena Theater, SF

And I barely saw any videos this year, much less see any films on the big screen (though in a few days the babysitter arrives so my wife and I can watch Lord! Of! The! Rings!), but here were two excellent ones:

– Lantana
– The Deep End

And the absolute worst movie this year — indeed, one of the worst I’ve seen period, even if I saw it with already lowered expectations:

– Star Wars Episode something-or-other: Attack of the Clones

And I’m going to the Gerhard Richter show at the SF Museum of Modern Art tomorrow, so that’ll be up there with the Yoko Ono show earlier this year, if not better.

And is Missy Elliott’s “Work It” an amazing single or what?