Ondoy Letter of Appeal.

I’m reposting my brother Happy Vergara’s “Ondoy Letter of Appeal” (originally posted on Facebook; requires Facebook login). Please see my previous blog entry on Ondoy as well.


Hello Friends,

I hope this reaches you well.

I am writing on behalf of the millions of victims of Typhoon Ondoy, which four days ago flooded 80% of Metro Manila and the provinces of Laguna, Rizal and Bulacan. Three hundred people have died and thousands have been rescued from their rooftops. Hundreds of thousands of people are in evacuation centers all over.

Still, there are numerous reports of people in the provinces in need of rescue or of entire villages being inaccessible to rescue and relief as the flood waters have not receded. In Sta. Cruz, Laguna, which we have been able to communicate with directly, more than 7,000 families are in evacuation centers from 4 barangays alone.

Please see a slideshow, a video here, and more on YouTube. Google also has an Ondoy page.

The government estimates that damage could run up to Php 5 billion.



We have set up a Paypal account. Through this account, we have raised more than U$5,900.00 from friends in the US and through Facebook. We are using this to purchase relief goods that we send straight to Ateneo University’s relief efforts. We have posted a photo album of our efforts here (link requires Facebook login).

We are appealing for more help, as much more needs to be done. Through the kindness of friends, we have sent funds to Binan, Laguna and Sta. Cruz, Laguna. They in turn are using this to purchase relief goods for their area. We hope to do more of the same.

1. You can help us by sending money via Paypal to paypal [AT]

2. If you do not have a Paypal account, please email me at benito.vergara [at] with the amount you are willing to donate. We will then send you an email Request for Payment in that amount which you can respond with using a credit card.

3. You can also donate using your credit card to:

– World Food Programme

– Oxfam

– Worldvision

– UNICEF (with matching dollar-for-dollar grant)

And while people are still awaiting rescue, another typhoon is coming to the Philippines.

Please help us in this desperate time of need.


UPDATE 100109

We have raised $5,900. We are now coordinating with friends in Laguna who are willing to advance the funds so they can be used IMMEDIATELY for relief goods in Binan, Los Banos, San Pedro and Sta. Cruz. Thank you for all your help.