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At Random.

1. My comment boxes have died — I suspect people (or spammers) have been posting something, but I can’t read them somehow, and even some old comments aren’t showing up anymore. So I’ve turned them off, unfortunately. Anyone wanting to leave me a message or a comment can send them to me via the Meebo widget on the upper right-hand side of the main blog index page. (I can get them even if I’m offline.)

2. Arthur Dong’s Hollywood Chinese is one of the best Asian American documentaries I’ve ever seen, period, and one I’d assign to students in a heartbeat if it were out on DVD. It’s also out on a limited theatrical release all across the world, but Bay Area audiences are lucky enough to have it for almost two weeks (April 11-23 at the Kabuki and at the Grand Lake). (Los Angeles viewers have it made though, as it’s part of an entire Hollywood Chinese film series at the Egyptian from May 15-22, including a cast and crew reunion of Wayne Wang’s The Joy Luck Club.)

Hollywood Chinese is a fascinating film all throughout, including jawdropping footage from Marion Wong’s The Curse of Quon Gwon) — the first Chinese American film ever made, in 1916 (!) — plus revealing (and sometimes hilarious) interviews). (It’s also worth noting that Arthur Dong walked off with a Golden Horse for Best Documentary last year — and that two of the other winners (Ang Lee and Joan Chen) are interviewed in his documentary as well.)

3. Up next, to be posted in the next few weeks:

– possibly more movie reviews
– a handy and totally opinionated guide to the San Francisco International Film Festival, whose lineup is coming out next week
– a summer reading and watching list
– my life as the neighborhood invalid
– Pinoy academic porn