My 15 (+1) Favorite Songs of 2009: 10. Ida Maria, “Oh My God” (2007).

10. Ida Maria, “Oh My God” (2007)
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– From the 2008 album Fortress Round My Heart.

Yes, it’s one of last year’s big songs, and it was on a bunch of 2008 year-end lists already, but hey, I’m not one of the Pitchfork cognoscenti or Sasha Frere-Jones, so it took a while before this song made its way through a hundred other bloggers and the occasional TV show and Time and finally to my happy ears. “Oh My God”, as the video captures quite literally, is a power pop anthem infused with agitation: the demand to “Find a cure for my life,” the jittery punk guitars, and that quaver in her hoarse voice early in the song just before she erupts into the bug-eyed intensity of the last third. “Is this fun for you?” she asks toward the end; it almost sounds like a threat, but oh, how much fun it is indeed. Probably Norway’s greatest musical export since Darkthrone, and with a better sense of humor about God too.


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