Merzbow's OM Electrique.

This does not bode very well for the rest of the Merzbox — though like John Zorn‘s Early Recordings album, the point was to release really early stuff (here, from 1979).

In any case, it’s not uninteresting, but it’s still not the Merzbow I know and love. This is fairly minimalist. The first 40 minutes are of this hum and what sounds like Masami Akita beating on a pipe with a spoon. Yes, 40 minutes — there are little changes in rhythm (not that there was really any) and there is some squelchy stuff every now and then, but all in all the title track (parts one and two) is pretty intense in its single-mindedness. (The other tracks features more drone and a poorly-executed drum solo — the sound, really, of someone who knows how to play drums but is in this case trying to sound haphazard about it.)

It’s the hum that is the most telling, and shows the noise in his future: it’s not a nice, om-like, Lull drone, nor even an Alan Lamb electrical hum, but it’s a deep, grinding, slightly metallic buzz that makes your teeth hurt. At any moment you almost expect William Bennett to yell “My cock’s on fire!”


Music for Grading Quizzes

Ah, the joys of grading. Two quizzes to go and I’m actually distracted enough to post. After a disheartening array of 4 over 20s and 6 over 20s — for an announced quiz! — I have my music to relieve the tedium: in this case, Merzbow‘s lovely Space Metalizer album. I won’t attempt to write a review, unlike these folks tripping all over their words (with hilarious results) at Land of a Thousand Dances, and Stylus Magazine trying to review the massive Merzbox (along with Jim Haynes from my favorite record store in the world). I mean, there aren’t enough synonyms for “scree,” “squelch,” “white noise,” and “watery electric gurgles,” are there?

music's Apparel area all awry

Good lord. I was looking for reviews of Japanese noise artist Merzbow‘s Oersted on when their much-vaunted Apparel and Accessories page — plugged in different banners and tabs and music product details themselves — spat out this particular gem:

Customers who shopped for this item also wear:

* Clean Underwear from Amazon’s Eddie Bauer Store
* Ladybug Rain Boots from Amazon’s Nordstrom Store
* Suede Headwraps from Amazon’s International Male Store
* Cheetah Print Slippers from Amazon’s Old Navy Store

Merzbow listeners wear ladybug rain boots???