Music Video Quiz #1.

Back in the day — four years ago, a lifetime in Internet terms — when I was more active on and had way too much time on my hands, I would change my avatar to a screencap from a music video and have people guess its source. (Back then YouTube wasn’t that popular yet, so it was a little more difficult for folks to confirm whether one’s guess was correct.) But at some point I lost interest and things got busy and I had no more images left — none of these screencaps were taken from YouTube, but from video files I actually had — so the whole thing just faded out.

Anyhow, in the process of messing around with my other blog last night, I found all the images on a stray USB flash drive, and so I thought I’d slowly post them here until they’re all gone. (And you friends who might know all of these already: play nice and don’t answer them all, okay? I know who you are!)

Guess the artist and song title in the comments:

1. vidcap1