Sleepy Hollow: “John Doe” (2013).

“I think routine is a thing of the past for us,” Ichabod Crane says at the start of last week’s episode, “John Doe.” You can say that again. There’s nothing routine on this show. After all the satisfying mythology-setting of the previous episode, “The Lesser Key of Solomon,” we’re back to another lunatic entry in the season. As I wrote in my previous blog entry, it seems the writers haven’t quite settled on a rhythm yet, whether in terms of tone or narrative. I can’t quite figure out whether this is a good or bad thing.


Thinking about Television.

So this has been one of those great weeks for me: the book finally in my hands, four sweet long days with my little daughter Izzy in Austin, Inauguration Day, and tonight, in an hour or so, the premiere of the fifth season of Lost.

Lost (and also The Wire) has been one of the main reasons why I haven’t been blogging about movies as much. I’m not a big fan of television at all, so I myself am surprised about the amount of time and energy I’ve invested in these two shows in the last three months. (I consumed all four seasons of Lost in a little less than two months, bloodshot eyes be damned.) I suspect part of it has to do with the sprawling, sequential nature of both serials, but even that seems to be a fairly new development. (My friend Ben was wondering whether the popularity of Mexican and Korean soap operas around the world had influenced this reimagining of what television audiences could handle; I’d like to think that The X-Files‘ shifting between their mythology arcs and stand-alone Scooby-Doo episodes had something to do with it as well.)